International Calling Plus

Say hello to friends and family worldwide from as little as 89c per minutes 

  • Call abroad directly from your cellphone, using our standard International Calling or International Calling Plus services
  • Opt in to International Calling Plus and get low rates, billed per second, for just R5 per month
  • Opt out at any time if you don’t need to make international calls very frequently or if you don’t prefer lower rates

To use International Calling

Contract and Top Up customers
Contact your Service Provider

Prepaid customers
International Calling is already active

Terms & conditions apply

What is International Calling?

  • Our International Calling service lets you call friends and family living in other countries, directly from your cellphone in South Africa.

Who can use International Calling?

  • All Vodacom Contract, Top Up and Prepaid customers can use the International Calling service.

Why should I use International Calling?

Stay in touch with friends and family worldwide

You can call more than 118 countries around the world right from your cellphone in South Africa.

Low-cost service billed per second

With a R5 monthly subscription to International Calling Plus, you can get call rates from as low as 89c per minute, billed per second.

Please note:

The R5 monthly charge for International Calling Plus will be
  • Deducted from your airtime if you’re a Prepaid customer
  • Added to your monthly bill if you’re a Contract or Top Up customer 

How do I get and use International Calling?

To activate Standard International Calling:

Prepaid Customers

International Calling is already active for you

  • Contract and Top Up customers
  • To check if International Calling is active, dial *#331#
  • If it’s not active, contact your Service Provider

For Vodacom Customer Care, call 082 111

For Autopage Cellular, call 0860 23 24 24

For Nashua Mobile, call 0861 412 412


To activate international calling plus:

All Customers

Dial *111# and use the menu to 

opt in

Prepaid and Top Up customers
SMS ‘World’ to 123

Contract customers

SMS ‘World’ to 100

 Please note:

A R5 subscription fee will be charged each month after you activate International Calling Plus  

To deactivate International Calling Plus:

All Customers

Dial *111# and use the menu to opt out.


Prepaid and Top Up customers

SMS ‘World Stop’ to 123 

Contract customers

SMS ‘World Stop’ to 100
Please note:
The R5 monthly subscription fee will not be charged from the month after you’ve deactivated International Calling Plus

To use international calling:

  1. Enter the International Access code; you can use 00 or +
  2. Enter the code of the country you would like to call Eg: The country code for the UK is 44View the list of the country codes
  3. Enter the phone number of the person that your' re calling.
     To dial a landline, enter the area code followed by the phone number Eg: the area code for fixed lines in   Manchester is (0)161, so you enter 00 44 161 xxx xxxx or +44 161 xxx xxxx
      To dial a cellphone number, enter the entire number Eg: 00 44 xxx xxx xxxx
  4. Finally, press the call button. Here’s an example of how to dial an international number: 00 44 161 xxx     xxxx or + 44 161 xxx xxxx

Please note:

  • If you’re a Prepaid or Top Up customer, please ensure that you have enough airtime before you call internationally.