Vodafone Message+

One inbox for all messages

  • Send and receive SMSs, pictures, videos, etc - using one inbox
  • Messages can be delivered to any cellphone number on any network
  • Your message is always delivered whether the recipient is using Message+ or not

To download Vodafone Message+

Visit your cellphone’s app store

Terms & conditions apply

What is Vodafone Message+?

  • Vodafone Message+ lets you send all types of messages; SMSs, pictures, videos and voice clips, with just one app
  • Send messages to any cellphone number on any network
  • Your message is always delivered whether or not the recipient is using Message+ 
  • All replies to your messages will be sent back to your Message+ inbox, this means all your messages stay together no matter what type they are

Why should i get Vodafone Message+?

Connect with one or a group of friends

SMS and chat online one-on-one with your contacts or enjoy SMS and online chat conversations with a group of friends. 

Express yourself with more than just words

Share photos, videos, audio clips, voice notes, emoticons, email and more.

Know your message delivery status

See if your contact is online and typing a reply get ‘read’ notifications for chat as well as ‘sent’ and ‘received’ notifications for SMSs

How much does Vodafone Message+  Costs?

  • Vodafone Contacts is a FREE App
  • Download will be charged according to  your existing price plan
  • This is a once-off download with no monthly subscriptions

How do I get Vodafone Message+?

    To get Vodafone Message+
  • On your cellphone
  • Google Play Store

    Android TM

  • Get the app from Google Play
  • To set Vodafone Message+ as your default messaging app
    1. Go to your address book
    2. Click a contact and press the 'New Message' option
    3. In the pop-up that appears, select 'Vodafone Message+'
    4. Check the 'always' option"